Residence Lucas Olazabal


The Forestry Residencia Lucas Olazábal It's a Training Center Polytechnic University of Madrid of legally-residential character located in Cercedilla (Dehesas Cercedilla) in the heart of Valley Fuenfría dentro de la zona de actuación del Guadarrama National Park.

It is a unique space, managed by the General Foundation of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, that in addition s is open to companies and organizations legally-private character wishing to conduct meetings, conventions, congresses or framed in the field of training and enterprise activity.

Banderas INICIO

Its sheltered and privileged, provides excellent support for the socialization of the residents through the implementation of activities of leisure and recreation such as hiking, mountain biking, riding, etc..

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Such: 910327654

E-mail: residencia @

Main activities of the residence:

  • Coaching in Cercedilla
  • Congress in Dehesas Cercedilla
  • Seminars in the Sierra de Madrid
  • Group accommodation
  • Organization of courses in Cercedilla
  • Training in the Sierra de Guadarrama
  • Workshops in Cercedilla
  • Conferences and kickoff in Dehesas Cercedilla
  • Organizing conferences in Cercedilla
  • Classrooms for intensive courses in the Sierra de Guadarrama
  • Corporate events and rent spaces in the Sierra de Madrid
  • Accommodation groups near Madrid
  • Hosting large groups in the Sierra de Madrid
  • Event spaces near Madrid
  • Spaces for events in the Sierra de Madrid
  • Spaces for events in Cercedilla